touring_camping_pod_1Our latest introduction is the stunning camping snugs to accommodate a family of four.

Made from fully treated solid pine, the camping snug is an insulated wooden hut on a solid base that thinks it’s a tent!

Windows and doors are lockable and double glazed and the wooden exterior has felt tiles to provide extra insulation.

Headroom is a generous 2.2m, and the interior dimensions are 3.3m long x 2.26m wide. A raised area of timber decking extends the ‘living area’ and provides somewhere to sun-bathe or prepare food.

Our snugs are light and airy with glazed double doors plus an opening window at each end. This helps to keep the living space well ventilated and aids ‘through draft’ on hot summer days. It’s also a really cosy sanctuary for when the weather is wet.

We describe our snug as a more luxurious tent with curtains, so you need to bring all your usual camping gear with you, including bed roll or inflatable mattress, bedding, cooking gear, lighting etc. An electrical hook-up point is included in the price. Think of it as a mini log cabin without any furniture or appliances.


  • More private and secure than a tent
  • No flapping of tent fabric to keep you awake
  • No taking down and drying of wet tents
  • An outside area for dining, sunbathing and food preparation
  • A guaranteed dry place for when it rains
  • More privacy and security
  • Insulated structure is a bonus all year round
  • An electrical hook-up point is included in the price
  • Already set-up when you arrive – just unlock the door

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