Mid March until the end of October each year.

Love Touring, but Tired of Towing?

If you are fed up with towing your caravan and setting it up every time you go away, a Seasonal Pitch at St Mabyn could be just the answer.

You would be able to leave your caravan on a hard-standing pitch all season (1st March to 29th Oct) and use it whenever you like.
We now have All Weather Seasonal Pitches where you can leave your awning up for the season if you wish.
Please note – awnings are left up at your own risk.

A Seasonal Pitch would:

  • Reduce your travelling time
  • Lower your fuel costs
  • Enable you to start relaxing as soon as you arrive
  • Allow you to spend the last day of your break relaxing and enjoying yourself instead of packing up
  • Take the stress out of caravanning

The cost includes the price of a hard-standing pitch, one car, one awning and space for a storage box (to be provided by customer).

The awning must be removed when the caravan is not in use. Electricity is included. For more information, phone us on 01208 841677

or simply print out and complete the Seasonal Contract and return it to us.