Connecting to Wi-Fi

Customers need to connect to Wi-Fi by searching for a signal on their device. When the signal is found the browser can be opened and a login page to 1st Hotspot will open. Customers are advised to check they can open the login page before purchasing a Wi-Fi card.

After connection to 1st Hotspot the internet can be accessed enabling use of E mail, Facebook and websites, (downloading films etc. will use a lot of data). Once the connection has been made the purchased time begins and when either the time runs out or the data has been used another internet access card would need to be purchased.

Wi-Fi coverage

Site Wi-Fi will not be the same as you receive at home because the bandwidth is being shared with many other holidaymakers. For this reason it is intended for E mails and basic web surfing. It is not designed for iplayer, video or film streaming, Skype, computer updates, Face Time and You Tube. Using it for this purpose may result in connectivity problems and slowing down of the service.

Generally the Wi-Fi extends to between 50 and 100 metres from the antennae and there are two on site, one at reception and the other on the toilet block by row D.

We cannot guarantee that Wi-Fi will be available 100% of the time. The speed of the connection depends on the distance of the exchange from the site, which is in St Mabyn, and the number of people trying to get on line at the same time. Other factors which effect Wi-Fi speed and coverage are:-

  • Weather conditions, heavy rain on trees or surfaces such as a wet tent canvas can cause loss
  • In some cases metalized windows and blinds can prevent the signal getting through
  • Dense trees can also make it very difficult to connect and maintain signal

Charges for site Wi-Fi, access cards can be purchased from reception

£3 for 1 day/512 MB

£7 for 3 days/1GB

£10 for 1 week/2GB

£20 for 30 days/8GB

The internet username and password can be used on any device but only one at a time. The Wi-Fi should be disconnected when not being used or it can be used up quickly by information coming on to the device.

Please see Fair Use Policy on 1st Hotspot website and be aware that data usage can be checked against the username and password by clicking on to Hotspot users on the website.